Yucatan Real Estate – Retirement in Mexico at Its Best

When you think of Mexico Retirement Communities, which place names come to mind? Maybe Lake Chapala or Puerto Vallarta? While these are excellent retirement choices, you may also wish to consider Yucatan Real Estate, especially in the capital of Merida for your retirement.Merida, a city of 800,000 people, is a beautiful colonial city that is full of culture, history and activity, but where retirees can still relax and enjoy a worry-free retirement with all their necessities nearby. The colorfully painted homes and 2 or 3 storey buildings line narrow roads, which run in a perfectly straight line through the old city. In the colonial city center, you’re likely to see a horse drawn carriage or bicycles blended in with cars and modern transportation, to hear traditional music and to find great opportunities to try local food.Merida is also home to the largest population of Mayan people; walking through the streets of Merida, you will have a very good chance of hearing people speaking Mayan as their day to day language, with Spanish as the main language. The city was originally Mayan, established in the 13th century, and abandoned by the Mayans before the Spanish arrived in the 16th century, renaming the city Merida after the city in Spain.In the touristic colonial center, many people also speak English, and are very willing to help new residents find their way around. Near the city’s main attractions, police booths also include pamphlets and information in English. The city is clean, picturesque and very safe. On Sundays the old folks get together to dance in the city square, and the young people gather in the parks. For a retiree, this relaxing style of life in a year-round warm climate is ideal.But don’t imagine that Merida is a backwards city, stuck in the past; the real, living culture of the old city is the heart of a thriving metropolis which includes all kinds of communities, property types, a diverse economy and many, many activities and services. Nearby golf courses, live music, jazz concerts, art shows – both traditional and modern – close access to the touristy beachfront (or a only a little further to more isolated beaches, if that appeals more to you) are only a few of the activities for retirement in Yucatan’s capital.Because of NAFTA, living in Mexico has come to offer many of the same conveniences of living in the U.S. or Canada, and Merida more so than most parts of the country. The metropolitan area also includes modern shopping malls, new large-screen movie theaters, and international restaurants. Health care is among the best in this part of the world, drawing residents from central America. The city is also planning on investing directly into retirement-focused facilities in the near future, making retirement even more attractive here.And what kind of property do you imagine for your retirement? A luxury beachfront condo, a beautiful single family home near a golf course, a traditional Mexican home in a Colonial neighborhood? Merida offers these and much more, all at prices more accessible than you might imagine. Consider Merida for your retirement. It might just be the place for you.