Brisbane’s Real Estate

Due to a massive inward migration fueled by the Queensland Mining Boom, Brisbane’s Real Estate has seen some massive redevelopment over the last 10 years. Brisbane was very much the sleepy town before hitting the international news when it hosted the 1982 Commonwealth Games. Since then it has seen a huge increase in population as people have migrated there for the sunny climate and job security.This increase in population has brought substantial gains in Real Estate Prices and has seen the architectural landscape change. Many Brisbane suburbs have gone through the first gentrification changes and are unrecognizable from just a few years ago.The Real Estate architecture in Brisbane is made up of Queenslanders, Post War, Contemporary Modern and Apartments. The main changes are evident in suburbs that had mainly post war homes because of a council ruling on demolition of post 1946 homes. These post war homes have been removed by many to be replaced by contemporary homes which cater for the modern family that demand modern indoor spaces. Usually the homes are built on 405 square metre blocks of land and many boast elegant swimming pools and outdoor entertainment areas.Some of the post war Real Estate has been removed on land zoned LMR ( low medium residential) which allows more than one dwelling to be built on it. A common redevelopment has seen the building of four townhouses on a 809 square metre block of LMR land.The Brisbane City Council has tried to preserve some of the Real Estate heritage by restricting the removal of pre 1946 homes. Some Real Estate sits in Demolition Control Areas which makes it difficult to remove or modify the property. A full application has to be made to council on the grounds of property in a state of disrepair or materially modified beyond its original character.Some areas have been zoned for high density such as suburbs like Chermside. Here developers have built multi level apartment blocks to meet the demand of low cost housing.Brisbane is set to change rapidly over the coming years as land becomes more scare in inner city areas.